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Hope you guys add herissmon and it's evolution line but if not that's ok just keep making this game amazing and fun to play :)

Me disculpa pelo comentário anterior de diser que o jogo me traumatizou , tem um cara na psn que anda se passando pelo dragonrod.

Please put these 3 digis in the game ---> Omnimon Merciful Mode / Agumon Bond of Bravery / Gabumon Bond of Friendship

Begging is very frowned upon...

Me disculpa disser isso mas os jogos são para divertir as pessoas não para traumatiza-las.

Por favor facilita o jogo , está entediante.

Poderia colocar a opção de mudar a música do jogo pela da fase por favor? Muito obrigado por ter feito um jogo maravilhoso.

How do I unlock leader skills? I have leader digimon and a max level digimon. But no button for leader skills

You need to clear the challenge "Leaders Advantage".

Ty. I havent seen it anywhere. 

I'll keep looking

It's a 5 star challenge, the ones with the golden background. Once you complete that the menu for leader/tamer skills will be unlocked.

Spent another forty tokens and found it lol. Ty!!

No problem, i can understand your confusion since the game never really tells you any of this important information, only AFTER you unlock the damn thing.

Is the mood thing still messed up on asuramon? I've tried everything and it keeps trying to go into marsmon

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I'm assuming you want an evolution that needs "Indifferent" mood. Just to clear things up. Indifferent is this face:

Not to be confused with NEUTRAL, which is the default starting emotion.

If you're not doing that face at the time he evolves, then you won't get what you want. Also if you're using items to bump your digimon's level, special xp and whatnot, he might get a different emotion during this process.

Vulcanusmon = Asuramon Lvl 80 + Indifferent mood + 30000 Machine Xp

ahhhhh see I got 5000 Mac from the evo guide. Thank you

credit to Esley youtube channel, check it out in the comment section, translate to english, got it from there

Hey the new order of chaos with rookie lucemon doesn't give out the holy points anymore. Just a heads up bud.

why is my freshly evolved digimon always weaker than before it evolved? On champion it can take ultimate in free battles and after becoming ultimate it does 1 dmg.

Game can have some weird scaling early game like that. It means your stats are not high enough for your new evolved form. Just keep training.

This becomes a non-issue later in the game.

How is it not high enough, but my champion digimon one shots everything with lower stats before. I dont get it.

train more

Okay. Thanks. Can you explain to me how I can see the "recommended points" on my digimon? There is always a rec. P. In free battle but I can't see it on my own digimon therefor I don't know if I can fight them or not.

Also: how does the scaling work? My ultimate digimon still loses fights against digimon I won against before with my champion digimon. I kist don't get how the mechanic works. Thank you very much.

No, there's no "recommended points" for your digimon. 

The "power" on free battles reflects roughly their overall stats, that means that a digimon with 100 power will have 100 attack/defense/etc.

This is the third time you repeat that your champion digimon did a thing that your ultimate cannot do, i get it. There isn't much point saying how it works (besides, i don't know) because what you gotta do is train your ultimate digimon more, eventually his stats will catch up with his new form and it'll start dealing greater damage than your champion did.

Bro you can try changing its attribute, prefer the unknown attribute, grind it in dungeon, use max status digimon plus leader skill 

Fun game until digimon stagger you in an Infinite against a wall. Lol


What's the drop rate for leader Digimon digicores because I have a hard time trying to get any.

The same as with any other digicore.

Fui insencivel com você. Não vi que era um engano. Posso voltar para o discord , por favor? Para colocar dicas sobre o jogo e receber dicas e memes.

Seria legal se o tempo de recarregar o digimon ao treinar correce durante as batalhas. Me desculpa pela confusão no discord . Pensei que era o haquer que estava jogando os meus jogos no ps4, eu estava enganado. E a música bad lands era só coincidência. Não foi meu pai que fez parte do jogo. O tempo todo o banimento do digimon ps4 , estava me manipulando. Até coisas pessoais eles sabiam de mim , os do digimon ps4. O hacker que roubava minha conta , ele jogava o jogo na minha conta e gravava, e quando eu vi uma gravação oa vivo de uma pessoa banida pensei que era ele.

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boss fights are very unrecommended

dragonrod made the bosses impossible to defeat in less than 10 attempts

tried using all the digimons i know who has sturdy defense but they all fought like im just using vegetables

they all can be defeated in more than 30 attempts not to mention the times where bosses moves so damn fast the knockback effects stack up . you just watch your digimon get pummeled not even the barrier item can save them

How can I get Elecmon? Can't find him anywhere. And no egg give me him. I need him to have Aegiomon. Also, does someone knows how to get the save from the game?

elecmon - hunt in dina plains

aegiomon - hunt in link ruins

im in my third play through your the man my man i cant wait for your new game and dinomon!

Estou falando da inscrição do jogo. 

Por que não faz um jogo é coloca na Google play story com um preço que custe o custo da Google play story. 


Seria legal ter um modo que o digimon inimigo fosse mais inteligente e nosso digimon só desviasse para agente usar os comandos do digivaice como um jogo de luta. Obrigado rod por ter colocado diversos recursos no jogo mas falta emoção no começo do jogo para chamar a atenção do jogador.

Hey is anyone else having a problem even hurting the titamon in chapter 2? I have a Examon-X with max stats and I'm laying into the thing doing a lot of point damage, but not doing anything to the help bar. Does anyone else have this problem?

there's a chapter where you have to lose on purpose

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How to get tale tickets?

wait in the maps for more than 15mins. you can hear tamers teleport in the map . battle them and win to get tickets

When I try to continue it keeps saying "###### FATAL ERROR in action number 1 of Step Event0 for object obj_food: Variable obj_food.lam(100016,-2147483648) not set before reading it. at gml_Object_obj_food_step_0########" I don't know what's wrong

I don't know why but I keep losing my save file, any suggestions?

Has anyone ever used the digital food reseed? tried it once and it drop my digimon to lvl 5 from 100, the attack seems normal to me though or is it just mine?

reseed disyributes your digimons exp to all stats then drop your mon to lvl.5

just lvl up again if you want to reseed again

found shoutmon blue in sizzling desert

Wow, this is pretty rad. I can tell a lot of work and care went into this. Thank you!

how do you get digital tale tickets i am very confused thank you

I don't know why but I lost my save file

is quartzmon just an error?

i cant see quartzmon anywhere not even the guides

also Gold Veedramon still not in the in-game DIGIPEDIA

nevermind i just foundout jow to get quartzmon


gold veedramon is not in the in-game DIGIPEDIA

same goes for omegashoutmon not being in the DIGIPEDIA also not in the guide

dude wtf

imperialdramon PM and FM didnt got nerfed, they became useless

imperialdramon FM rarely use his tamer skill wtf

and btw im waiting for an accurate guides....

an awesome update and addition of the story mode

even so still dissapointed to see 3 best mons became useless

Imperial PM is still great to use in the dungeon, digital world maps and in the story mode though.

yes but still...

i cant even defeat a boss in under 5 tries or less

cant even damage the boss properly without me using 2 heals at once

he made the diffculty to near impossible to defeat not to mention the very low drop rate of the void egg from blackwargreymon boss

So, did someone already discovered how to evolve to Plutomon?

Plutomon evolves from Cerberumon - 50000 Dark Xp + "The Child of Fate" - Chapter 20 completed

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DragonRod, I loved the new 2D models for Dukemon, Mugendramon and the others! 

Please, could you do the same for Seraphimon? He is a fan favorite and he deserves a new model with the same glory as the new one for Wargreymon have! 

Please, make he have a digisoul too like the ones from Taichi, etc..


Report: Something wrong about Reducing Travel Costs (2 Star - Challange) which's I can't start the challange. Is it a bug?

I can't access either ;-;

Hi, so, i bought this game twice, but i haven't gotten it yet, and i try contacting itch suport but nothing, help plz i really want to play this game

Hello! That's weird, you should have gotten the download link right away... Try doing this: Once you press the "download now" button, and the donation screen appears, above the price field, there's a button that reads "No thanks, just take me to the downloads". Click there and see if the download option appears.

wish it was easier and more clear how to get the Digimon you actually want, I just keep getting Digimon I hate which then just makes the game not fun for me personally and my Digimon got to Ultimate and died before I could even get it to Mega... wish there were some decent guides but I cant find any good clear guides, Its a great game just wish it was easier and clearer to get the Digimon we want

Hello! the idea behind random evolutions is to make players know more digimon, and to tie it back to Digimon World Championship, a key inspiration for this game. However you can always check Dravalon's evolution guide in order to find the evolution route you wanna follow:

Thank you for the reply and the guide I will try the guide now, is it possible to get a mega level Digimon within 1 day ? in our time I mean.

oi tive uma ideia poderia fazer um lugar no jogo Pont chick  (portar e chicar para falar ) , estava pensando em um loagin diário disfarçando de integração, eu chamei de vila digimon pois o coromon menciona no adventure, poderia colocar na vila digimon os digimons que você desbloqueou como npcs que tidam dinheiro, comida ou itens.  Exemplo 5 digimons que você desbloqueou poderiam ficar em 5 lugares da digivila, e poder substituir eles no dia seguinte.

oi tive uma ideia poderia fazer um lugar no jogo Pont chick (portar e chicar para falar), estava pensando em um loagin diário disfarçando de integração, eu chamei de vila digimon pois o coromon menciona no adventure, colocar na digimon os digimons que você desbloqueou como npcs que tidam dinheiro, comida ou itens. Exemplo 5 digimons que você desbloqueou pode ficar em 5 lugares da digivila, e poder substituir eles no dia seguinte.

can someone tell me where do I get shoutmon leader

Shoutmon Yellow i've found him at oasis and the black at Magma in night time, the last one still didn't know

Sorry for my bad english hehe

Thanx for the info

Hello, it's been a while since i last played this game (back from version 2.1.1) and i've been wondering, isn't it a way to get to choose at least a starter Digimon instead of leaving it up to RNG? If so, ¿how? And a feature that may be good to include and may not give that much work (hopefully), ¿could you make it so that each Digimon you get, gets permanently registered in the Digimon Encyclopedia? That way it would be better for completionists to keep on track in the long term regarding which Digimon they already got, or at least to give it a more lasting use akin to that seen in other Digimon games (like the ones from DS), so one can always check and re-check all of the Digimon entries obtained along the game, Digidex-style. Awesome game by the way, i'll be glad to replay it soon, but would love to see those features added whenever possible. ;)

to get digimon entries on digi'pedia

just place the digimon you like on the hub let him/her walk around for a bit then check if he/she got registered on there

(digi-pedia entries are permanent when they got registered)

So just by getting them to roam in the starter hub they get registered, i see, but then whenever i change Digimon (via evos, nature, etc) i remember only being able to read my current Digimon's entry in the digipedia, it's still like that or now i can go and read entries from Digimon not currently present in my team?

the moment they got registered they are there in the digipedia even if you replace all your digimons

Vulcanusmon = Asuramon Lvl 80 + Indifferent mood + 30000 Machine Xp

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