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Spec for andro?

When i wanna install it on my tab (Andorid 4.4.2), it wont to be installed..

And where is save data in android?

Thank you so much for create this loved game...

It would be good to put a "dex" where it shows the digimons and their evolutionary lines and date required for each evolution

This NEEDS normal DORUgoramon, the objectively better dorumon mega. not a fan of the DEX line though... also really good job with this

Where i can find save file on android?

Onde posso encontrar o arquivo de save do jogo para android? estou para mudar de celular e gostaria de não perder meu progresso <3 

obg desde já.

ok so the options don't really work I turned of music and sound fx so I could have a youtube video playing in the backround but, the music kept on playing after I turned off the music

Love this game

Where i can find save file ?

C:User/username/appdata/Roaming is Digimontamer_Newdawn ;)

is it going to be coming out to apple products 

Probably not


Just so everyone knows, on the Facebook Page, they released a google doc with how to get the evolutions for every Digimon (so far). 

Go here for the link: Facebook

how to get ketomon

My digimon keep disappearing and there not even close to death

this is a super cool game to pass time ! great job thank you

Will there be communication between the PC and Android versions? That be great if I could have the game on my phone and then switch to my PC and back when needed.

Time to try this game out!


So far I'm having a lot of fun. The battles are engaging and raising the monster is fun.

I do have a few suggestions and notes.

  1. My phone has the ability to split the screen and when I do this, the app restarts and the vey top is cut off a bit when in horizontal orientation. Vertical looks fine if squished. It also freezes as soon as I move to the 2nd app on screen. I assume tha app wasn't formulated with split screen in mind.
  2. Pictures for above:
  3. I really would like the enyclopedia to show your current digimon's previous evolutions and current attacks. It's not that important. I just would like that information as well.
  4. Have you considered a widget? Since the game only passes time when its on, I'd like to have a widget (like with the dot form of the mon) that can alert me when its hungry or wants training
  5. I still really like the idea of having the computer and phone versions communicate so I could switch between them. This could also be used for PVP if you decide to implement it.

Of course, these are all just suggestions. You don't have to implement any of them. I appreciate the game so far!

Thank you for the game and hard work!

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+1 for a widget. Since time only passes when you're in game. It can get a bit dull waiting for the timer to fill.

Are the digimon Bancholeomon and Chaosmon in the game?


Hey, just started the game and it does not let me feed my digimon. I'm on the latest android version

you drag the food and put it in floor the digimon will go after the food

The problem with me is that the tab of food, medicine and other stuff is not working for me. 

The problem with me is that the tab of food, medicine and other stuff is not working for me. 

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Same problem here.

EDIT: fixed in 1.0.3 thank you.

EDIT 2: it broke again.

EDIT 3: figured it out on my android (Huawei mate 20 pro) if I have the volume controls facing up the button doesn't work, but if I have them facing down then the button works.


How do I feed them? How do I use the drumsticks I bought from the store

you drag the food and put it in floor the digimon will go after the food

SO quick question does between the fifth and tenth of a month mean actual real life months? also could you make items drop more frequentlY? one more thing if a digimon eventually dies could you give it a bonus such as more exp gain or get more points for the stats?

Your game is insane, I've been dreaming about this for so long, thank you for the time you spent on it (a French player), for future upgrades (I hope) it will be nice to add a Digidex to see all the digimon  that we got and those that we never had.  Also it would be cool to have a button in the options to review the tutorials :)

The game wont let me download it, says "no permissions" anyone know how to fix this?

You may need to be in the administrator account on your computer to download things.

Amazing game, please add Kimeramon and Milleniummon!!! 

cant pay it

THello how I can get stingmon le e echo several veses but I still get wodmon someone can help me I just want a paildramon 



Yes but now I have the gold armor version of v-mon

I was playing well until I was playing well until one of my digimon restarted was a weargarurumon black level 64 did not exceed the age of 45 as shown and restart now is level 1 and now it is a v-mon. 

Same problem i had a digimon lvl 44 and he was perfectly fine and he restarted to an egg. 

Saw Karn_EX streaming this and decided I had to get it! I attempted to buy this 2 times and got an error both times, in talks with the support team. Definitely want to support this!

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Hi, I only want to report a problem that i have, in the pc version the game stucks when i push the new game option :( 

OPhanimon imba.. I LIKE

How can my digimon evolve to ultimate level?

is there a video on how to get the game

just recommendation, if they use Armor digivolution, make the digimon stat raise to and lvl too, its too boring if had 1 digimon lvl 4 and can use digiarmor like be Magnamon (V-mon Digimental Mirage) 

Whyy the stat of Royal knight just like child digimon



Hey, do you know how my digimon can evolve to third or perfect level?

Check on discord

i can't download. why?😭

That's impressive. Well done !

I hope you received the 5 dollars I just send you. There appeared an error but It still got charged! Thank you for creating this. 

Nice Game :

is there any way to know under what conditions my digimon evolves into another?


While a wiki or evolution guide is note done, you could check out our discord server, in order to get help from other players and me!Just updated the page with the link

The battles are so good! Very well done

Hey how would you like people to let you know if any issues are happening cause in the Android version the digi-pad brings up and error alert and closes the game when used in battle

Hello! Some people pointed it out on Twitter. I'm already working to fix this bug. An update fixing this should be online soon.Thanks for the feedback! :D

Gonna try this out today!

Very nice!

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