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Train, fight, evolve! Digital Tamers: ReBorn is a casual fighting game for all Digimon fans. Your mission is to take care of your partner, keep it strong, healthy in order to evolve and win battles and several prizes! Excel and win the 12 Championships that will take place throughout the year in order to become a true Digimon Tamer! Live this experience and welcome, to the Digital World!


Digital Tamers: ReBorn was thought to be a spiritual sequel to Digimon World Championship (DS), with elements from various other games of the franchise, like Digimon Battle Spirit (GBA), combined in its own way of experiencing the bound between Digimonand Partner.
In Digital Tamers: ReBorn, your Digimon is in charge of the battle. It's up to you as a tamer, prepare it to overcome any challenge it faces!


  • Single Player 1x1 Platform Fighting;
  • Over 370 different obtainable Digimon;
  • Over 100 challenges to excel and unlock items, secret evolution and more;
  • All game actions performed by mouse;
  • Available for PC and Android devices

On PC version:

  • SHIFT - open/close DigiVice
    • Z, X, C - Perform Commands
  • SPACE BAR - open/close DigiPad
    • Q, W, E, R, A, S, D, F - Use Items


Install guide:
• PC: Just delete the old .exe and replace it with the new one

• Android: Download the new version and install it over the old one to apply the update. Do NOT delete the old .apk, or your save will be lost!


Check out our Discord Server in order to get help from the dev and other tamers around the world!



Also check out the Digital Tamers: ReBorn official game guide!



Digimon, Digital Monsters and all related characters and monsters are the property of Akyioshi Hondo, Toei Animation and Bandai.
This game is intended for entertainment purposes only.

PlatformsWindows, Android
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(85 total ratings)
Made withGameMaker: Studio
Tags2D, Casual, digimon, Fangame, mobile, Pixel Art, Singleplayer, Sprites, Virtual Pet
Average sessionDays or more
InputsMouse, Touchscreen


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DigitalTamers ReBorn - v2.2.1 - (Android) 202 MB
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I wish this game had gamepad support on Android.

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Kind of frustrating and boring for new players. everything costs to much outside free battles witch is also kind of frustrating because for some reason the game likes to throw curve balls at you by giving you an enemy that just spams an attack and locks your digimon in to the corner. The areas of the digital world should cost different prices and have digimon of different levels with a chance to find different rare digimon on each one but over all at lest one should be low price ment to help new players and give them more to do instead of just train and free battle. I also dont understand the stats. I found that if i dont focus all my training in to defense i get one shot way to easy. However even if i didn't train atk or sp atk for some reason my digi will start to do more damage sometimes. I think it would be more fun if I could have multiple digis runing around at one time and have them interact with each other.


Can you allot a button to open the digivice and use moves? It's not like the mouse usage is bad, I just think buttons would be quicker


Will there be any new update?


2nd game got announced


It's saying in arcadedlc that there will be another one that will be the last.

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Hi! I recently learned about this game as of, today, lol, and I have to say it is *quite* impressive! I'm really enjoying it so far, and am looking forward to exploring more of it as well as seeing more progress on what really attracted me to your works; the Story game you're developing.

However, I am having a bit of an issue. Starter digimon became a Kunemon and I was doing really well with him. All stats were around the 50 mark, and then he hit level 10 and digivolved into Yanmamon. Attack of 80? Hell yes! About to start wrecking these -- why is he only doing 3 damage to level 1 champions? Level 1 rookies even? Why would this be happening? Shouldn't he be doing *more* damage now that he's a champion digimon?

Edit: Doing decent damage now with my Yanmamon, at over 500 attack. I still think something's a bit off especially since his projectile and melee attack do the same damage even with only 22 special attack.

Every time your digimon digivolve their happiness reset which decrease stat on atk/sp atk. You need to praise your digimon after you train or battle to increase happiness.


Hey dude, when's the next update coming up, 'cuz like... Has been 5 months without a new update, not even a Halloween or Christmas themed one, pls don't abandon this game because it's a joy to play for those who don't have access to the mainline Digimon V-pet at ALL


The game Is great but i'm confused by one thing... I digivolved my meicoomon into Meicrackmon VM and she's dealing less damage per attack despite having better stats as before

Can someone enlighten me?


Maybe its a bug, or some sort of moveset change, like she is no longer capable of using physical/long-range atk and is solely focused on only one type of attacking

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Every time your digimon digivolve their happiness reset which decrease stat on atk/sp atk. You need to praise your digimon after you train or battle to increase happiness.


Give feature vs with friends, im bored play with bot. Please. Thx


Does someone know how many times you need to beat Titamon to get the cube that is needed to evolve to Quartzmon?

Way too many. (Between 1 and 50 fights, with the 50th being a guaranteed drop)


Well, at least, at the 50th it's guaranteed hahahaha

That's what we all say... Let's see if you can say that again after the 20th try or if the attempts start to all blur together as if you're going insane.




I loved your game, It's a great game, Very complete, Do you have plans for a Multiplayer? Because Tamagotchi and Digimon World had this option


Is there any way to backup your save ?




Great game!!! although I would like to see a share save feature between pc and cellphone someday. 

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Honestly more than a little horrid~ It incorporates most of the worst aspects of Vpets, digimon and fangames~ it's clunky, over reliant on hidden stats and gacha levels of rng, has no built in evolution info, expects you to waste hours of your life idling, has severe penalties for not choosing the right optional settings that aren't made clear in the slightest, has no early game as everything you could do is packed into late game, doesn't give you anything to do with your digimon except cock fight and spam an annoying af training minigame among many other issues~ Perpetually cleaning sh!t to keep your pet alive was lame when tomagatchi did it in 96 and it's only aged poorly as a mechanic since and time sensitive lifespans are even worse~ I would hope Rod overhauls this whole game in the future because right now it's dogwater serving namely to monetize digimon sprites~


Absolutely amazing game. Thank you so much for creating this. I've been missing that feeling of the original digimon world on ps1 and this definitely brought me back. 

I've pretty much gotten to the point where i can get to wave 30+ on dungeons which i think is a big accomplishment but ive also been playing like 3 days nonstop( im sick at home) lol. There are a few things i believe you can add on- 

Leader digimon, it would greatly help if there was a guide to proper time/conditions/etc as to encountering them. Possibly an item to help lure more? 

Maybe a sort of bossing system? Where players can join together, do damage and get rewards. It would be amazing if you could make this into an mmo one day, i will definitely donate to the cause if that's a possibility.

Please add a scrolling system in the digimon world to move around quicker, maybe use arrow keys? 

I do have other comments but i think ive said enough lol. Again, 



Yo, first  I want to thank you for your hard work you can't imagine how happy I am and my friend with your game, but I was wondering if you could please add omegamon zwart D and black wargreymon x to your next release and thank you in advance


I'm rather interested in this! Any plans for a Linux release? I'm going to try to run it with Wine, but it would be pretty cool.

Regardless, this looks great!!


probably one of the best digimon tagamochi ive ever played! i love it alot! but i just have 1 issue though and that's the slow evolution after getting to champion level after getting red V-dramon to level 30 i though it would evolve but i guess not? i dont know the specifics of how to evolve a champion level all i know is that i need a specific exp and or amount of medals at that point since he's already at level 30 but 5 level later and 5k dragon exp still nothing so i wish there would a type of guide or tips if a digimon at level 30+ still didnt show any sign of evolving

non the less its a really amazing digimon game i love it! 9.5/10


MINIMIZING THE GAME ON WINDOWS 10 DOES NOT PAUSE IT. I didn't know this and my one usable digimon shit itself to death while I was watching videos for fifteen minutes.

Great game, maybe the best Tamagotchi available anywhere. Please make babies retain levels or status attacks or something. I have so much work ahead of me just to be able to play the game again. No, I'm not salty, you're salty.

That one phrase made my day 😂 "my one usable digimon shit itself to death"


Absolutely incredible work. Bravo, dude.

Only thing more I'd love to see is an old school cheat menu or cheat codes as a throw back. BTW the Digimon World ps1 sounds you imported were a genius touch.


Preface:  I am playing the most current Android APK.

A couple criticisms.
I'm not sure of why there are so many "bonuse conditions" or "detrimental conditions" when training your Digimon.  By that, I mean I don't understand the purpose of making the game clunkier.  There are too many icons and training conditions that one has to remember, if they want to choose the ones they want for specific Digimon.  You don't need to dumb it down, but you do need to consolidate these bonuses.  Some of them are really similar.  And I'm sure there is a purpose to them.  But just because there are more, doesn't make it more complex.  It is tedious to try to remember what does what.  Now, if you don't want to consolidate these training conditions and bonuses, you can instead leave up a legend on the sides of the screen when you tap it for the training bonus you want.  At least this way, people don't have to remember what every icon does.  If you've played Monster Rancher, even though your monster can have multiple different training bonuses, they're all very easy to remember what is what.

I'm not entirely sure if this is a bug or not.  Let me first with that I don't know how you coded stat numbers.  But, I am positive you have it on some weird scaling.  I've had Champions who can fight on equal grounds with Ultimates; but as soon as they digivolve into an Ultimate, with higher stat numbers, they're now just dealing less than ten damage per attack to the same difficulty Ultimate they were previously dealing hundreds of damage as a Champion.  This is so annoying.  Again, I don't know if this is a bug, but it is so tedious to train a Digimon, and then even with higher stat numbers, they're now weaker.  You have to have these stat numbers make sense and consistent.

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I agree that the training having different conditions/bonuses are unnecessary since every mon basically boils down to going Full Atk/HP or Full Def/Spatk, seriously just focus on either the first or last

If you plan to build a mixed dmg dealer, Max Spatk 1st then use swap stone to turn Spatk to Atk then max out Spatk again

For maxing out All stats, you want to do the WarpEvo engine or Burpmon Engine to makes things easier, theres a guide on discord for that.

Now for the damage part, Happiness plays a role on your Digimons damage, If you evolve your Digimon it resets the happiness of said mon, which means you'll be dealing less damage, just tap or click on your Digimon to see it's happiness, you want the Happy Face :D with the teeth showing for "max" damage, just praise it for every thing that you do to max it out, or feed it the pink fish 


I don't think a Digimon's happiness should be reset all the way.  Or have damage tied to happiness.  Or maybe just not have that punishing of a detriment when Digivolving.  Like I said, it feels bad when you've gone through the hard work to Digivolve a Digimon and it basically gets reset.  Digimon progression should naturally feel like you're also progressing.

I'm just telling how it works, I don't have any say in it but that's how the developer coded it.

But I do get that some of the mechanics feels like taking a few step back instead of actually progressing


This "advice" is utter crap:

His complains are mostly focused early game. Swap Stones are very late game items.

The methods suggested for getting max stats are literally exploits and warp Evo is also a mid to late game thing.

It's like you provided "advice" without actually understanding what the post is about.

(4 edits)

And I don't see how your post add anything to this?

And FYI swap stone is accessible by completing a 1 star Challenge and only cost 5k bits, so tell me how is that a "late game" item

Are they really an exploit though? So I guess swapping digimons with the data backups is an exploit as well since it allows you to have another Digimon with max stats? it's not like the game ends when you max your digimon, majority of the content can only be accessed when you have a maxed digimon, by then you also need leaders to do bosses and dungeons

But hey whatever helps you sleep at night


where's like the evolve button, I can't seem to get goblinmon to evolve


There's no evolve button. You just have to get good.


right... 2016 wants there meme back. for everyone else reading this if you Digimon had a black circle with a cross through on their portrait 🚫 this means they're blocked from evolution. 

There are items in the shop that can be unlocked via the medal challenges I forgot which ones exactly but they also give you one of those anti evolution items for free. DO NOT GIVE IT to your Digimon unless you don't want them to evolve but also to remove it is 150,000


That's still not an evolve button...

Hi, does someone know how to get Apollomon Whispered?

vaccine to virus

Hi Is there any site on this game that i could view like info about the game ? or something bc i wanna know like what i need to evolve or something like that.



the web is down


How do you figure out drop rates? My wife has had absurd more drops and im sitting here with a ult at 42 and her with a mega at the same level


get rekt



But in all seriousness, there isn't a way to look at the drop chances or anything like that. Your best bet if you wanna grind dropped items is to bring a digimon with super low attack as even a 1 hp damage can drop an item mid fight. 

You can also try challenges as they unlock more items from the store.

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Could you please nerf the bossess? They are ridiculously strong. Easy bosses are annoying, but bosses that are too hard to beat are even more. I just see you doing nerf to the Digimon we use, not to the bosses, like other devs do.


...What other devs?


When a boss is ridiculously strong, the devs of a game nerf them. A game is meant to be fun, not to make you enraged. An example: The Elden Rings Devs, they nerfed Melania because she was too hard.

Ah i see, you meant "devs from other games" in general. Got it.


As for the comment itself, i can't really disagree with it, the most boring time i've had in this game is with boss fights, they extend their welcome way too much and after doing it once i don't wanna do another one ever again, except i will do them again because the drops it gives are pretty invaluable, so i am forced to do something that's not fun, unlike Dungeon, which at least is a spectacle seeing your digimon beat endless waves of enemies.


Yup, the new boss, Titamon, is the worst.

None of the bosses are fun imo, Titamon in particular is an exercise in "Am i gonna get stun locked by it's minions this time?" and it's rare drop is ridiculously rare for the unfun grind you gotta tolerate with him.

Descobri como aumentar o drop de itens , se usar as medalhas de diminuir special exp aumeta o ataque crítico e drop de medalhas de exp para colocar em outros digimons. 

Where can I find darkdramon and valdurmon

darkdramon - volcano area

wait until mega digimons appear

valdurmon - link ruins

very rare appearance

La pantalla derrepente se pone en negra

How do you get training boosting items? Some digimon need ludicrously high stats like Nidhoggmon; how do you go about getting them?

could make luck and speed the same measure. could make the special exp by decreasing it could increase the luck for each special exp ?

Which digimon are good for boss battles ?

Ultimate chaosmon from chaosmon + chaos valdur not sleipmon / beelstarmon / omegashoutmon + tamer skill , it also need proper leader skills and atk modifier to get good results between 10 - 15 attempts.

Deleted 50 days ago

how do you capture digimon in the digimon i can put them traps but after i run out of energy i don't keep them

Fight them and they drop data.

s.r bear the site is translating long texts wrong, and sorry for having complained about the game, I lost my save and had to start from scratch, and at the same time I had a bad situation with a person impersonating the dragonrod.

I forgive you, but can you forgive yourself?

Para ler textos em português de forma correta no site desative o Google tradutor ou coloque em inglês. 

O fake dragonrod foi é o que condenado

O falso /fake dragonrod foi condenado a pena de morte , e eu falei uma detalhe que salvou ele, depois o cara que se passava por dragonrod me ofendeu de loser /perdedor.

Oi dragonrod342 textos grandes estão saindo errado

Poderia colocar função de customização de música ( colocar as músicas das fases) ?

Oi eu fui banido do discord, mas não sei o motivo, não cometi uma enfração , cometi uma piada maldosa com o nome de um político que tinha o nome parecido com uma doença, mas foi em outro celular, e eu pensava que o falso dragonrod era o do discord, não eram a mesma pessoa, mas o falso humilhava os jogadores de digimon na psn / ps4 , eu fui humilhado pelo falso e fiquei com traumas pois perdi meu save e perdi meu ps4 , recebi ameaças e fui banido de um jogo de digimon por usar essecivamente uma mecânica ( consumir /alimentar um digimon com outro) , e forçar acidentalmente uma evolução de outro digimon no meu . E também eu estava escrevendo sobre o meu banimento e o discord saiu e quando voltei outra pessoa escreveu algo mas eu não vi e só vi o que ela tinha escrito depois de ter escrevi do, não respondi o que ela ou ele perguntou. Contei para a pessoa sobre o fake dragonrod na psn /ps4.

Oi ouvi falar que alguns jogos podenser incompatíveis com celulares 32 bits, também pode dar erro se tiver uma carne ou maçã no quando atualizar jogo.

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