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Train, fight, evolve! Digital Tamers: ReBorn is a casual fighting game for all Digimon fans. Your mission is to take care of your partner, keep it strong, healthy in order to evolve and win battles and several prizes! Excel and win the 12 Championships that will take place throughout the year in order to become a true Digimon Tamer! Live this experience and welcome, to the Digital World!


Digital Tamers: ReBorn was thought to be a spiritual sequel to Digimon World Championship (DS), with elements from various other games of the franchise, like Digimon Battle Spirit (GBA), combined in its own way of experiencing the bound between Digimonand Partner.
In Digital Tamers: ReBorn, your Digimon is in charge of the battle. It's up to you as a tamer, prepare it to overcome any challenge it faces!


  • Single Player 1x1 Platform Fighting;
  • Over 370 different obtainable Digimon;
  • Over 100 challenges to excel and unlock items, secret evolution and more;
  • All game actions performed by mouse;
  • Available for PC and Android devices

On PC version:

  • SHIFT - open/close DigiVice
    • Z, X, C - Perform Commands
  • SPACE BAR - open/close DigiPad
    • Q, W, E, R, A, S, D, F - Use Items


Install guide:
• PC: Just delete the old .exe and replace it with the new one

• Android: Download the new version and install it over the old one to apply the update. Do NOT delete the old .apk, or your save will be lost!


Check out our Discord Server in order to get help from the dev and other tamers around the world!



Also check out the Digital Tamers: ReBorn official game guide!



Digimon, Digital Monsters and all related characters and monsters are the property of Akyioshi Hondo, Toei Animation and Bandai.
This game is intended for entertainment purposes only.

PlatformsWindows, Android
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Made withGameMaker: Studio
Tags2D, Casual, digimon, Fangame, mobile, Pixel Art, Singleplayer, Sprites, Virtual Pet
Average sessionDays or more
InputsMouse, Touchscreen


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DigitalTamers ReBorn - v2.1.4 - (Android) 145 MB
DigitalTamers ReBorn - v2.1.4 - (PC) 128 MB

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Is it just me or is the drop rate for scan data kinda low. Or am i doing something wrong

(1 edit)

it is rare, not to mention to get BEMmon you need scan data, and BEMmon itself is already rare to appear.

dude wtf are the mood types?

i did what the inaccurate guide said and got the wrong evolution because of that mood thing

same, still can't get Vulcanusmon because of the misleading guide.

i dont know why but i have never seen dragonrod art respond to any of the comments

U gosto muito deste jogo mas seria melhor se tivesse um modo missão

can we please have something to do with the grass and pebbles that we get from the maps?

like throwing the pebbles at the digimon on the map to make them run around more


feed the grass to unsuspecting digimons to make them angry/upset and run around more

to use them grass and pebbles to annoy digimons in the map . lol 

Does anyone already unlock all the Olympos xii Digimon? are all of them completely? can someone give me the evolution guide? the official guide not including some of them. I already unlock mervamon, appolomon, dianamon, grace novamon, ceresmon+medium, and marsmon (vulcanusmon is on the way).

Deleted 10 days ago

nevermind i evolved her now

Ayuda alguien sabe de que digiegg sale sunmon

(1 edit)

i found another problem

gold veedramon is not in the digiencyclopedia

using freeze bomb on meicoomon in the world map crashes the game

i did it multiple times and it crashes

please fix the game and update all the guides

i saw apocalymon's silhouette in the game but not in the guides and there's no evolution guide for shoutmon

i found something in the game

i dont know if its a bug or not


freeze bombing all digimons in one map causes the game to crash

i lost ALL of my gathered data and items looted from the map

please fix this problem

It's a great game! Props to the developer to give the choice for a free download.

I've been playing the game for about 2 weeks, it's very fun, the pacing of the content is great (with minor inconveniences), amazing work on the sprites, many good things that would be too long to list.

If I had 1 thing to suggest it would be a save slot, preferably 2 save slots (1 auto save, 1 manual save). I've notice that the game auto saves whenever I quit the game or after an action been taken and there's no problem with that, keep it. However, giving another save slot for manual save gives the player a bit more flexibility and a contingency backup. The reason behind this is that it's kinda annoying whenever something undesirable happened and the knowledge needed to prevent it is not easy to find by the player or simply unknown, things like bugs happening because of certain actions, accidental misclicks maybe, or (personally) having your main digimon die because you fell asleep playing it... Yea that happened twice and that pushed me to suggest this. Now of course it's kinda against the usual mechanics of "tamagochi" games to have manual saves, also there's a possibility of abuse as well and maybe some other stuff. One of the solutions to this is maybe deleting the auto save slot if you choose to load the manual save (you probably want to give a confirmation before loading) that'll limit amount of abuse. another solution is maybe making 2 auto saves slot instead, 1 a periodically saves after a certain amount of playtime, the other is the current auto save that saves after each action, this would limit the control for the player but would still help as a contingency plan.

Now of course there might be backlash to this or maybe it's not a desirable path to take, then maybe provide a way to help mitigate the chances of a digimon dying because of AFK. Maybe give access to a autonomous feeder where it would pops food every now-and-then to help prevent hunger, and maybe as limitations it has a battery where you need to tap it to recharge it so that the digimon still needs active interaction from the player.

this comment is long enough, I'm sorry. I really enjoyed the game, really appreciate it if you take my suggestion into consideration.

Thank you!

I love this game so much. I can't get enough of this game and I've been grinding for hours on end. Simply amazing. One request about additional forms for digimon. Specifically for the 7 demon lords. In Digimon Links, the 7 demon lords each had a mutant form, could you make it so they have a mutant form. I don't know if they would have to use an item like a choas core or something to make them evolve. Thanks!

You should add a necessary form of Grankuwagamon to Grandiskuwagamon.

absolutely love this game i've been playing it for about 5 months? i also wanna share some suggestions i've been thinking about
- reorder digimon slots (that empty slot is just bothering me lol)
- a preview of the digimon and their power when we choose a battle in challenge mode would be useful
- the stats limit in the guide, i just learned that my lilithmon already reached the 30000 attack and special attack limit
- able to buy the level up gems and refresh tokens for challenge mode
- not leave getting a rookie or training II baby to rng :(
i'm not sure if some of these are implemented already please tell me but if not i hope you think about these for now!!

Evolution guide??? Yes, no?

Can someone tell me how I can evolve from Lunamon to Dianamon, thanks.

The damage is still unbalanced, agumon with only 50 special attack takes more than half of the life of all the Digimon in the mission Digital analysis

please update all the guides

evolutions guide

items guide

achievements guide

challenges guide

maps guide

leaders guide

do you guys know where to get the chained paradox item?

Boss battle

what does it look like?

it's lvl 10 Diaboromon boss battle, really hard if your stat is not max.

bro even in max stats lvl10 boss fights are hard and they have this attack if you dont disturb them they 1hit KO you

(1 edit)

try getting flymon and jessmon leader type for equip, their effect is really good at disturbing boss when charging their attack. and equip your attack with frozen or paralyze effect

Deleted 22 days ago

Wow, anything else you would like to demand?

Just use the DigiSeabass easily found in the Net Ocean map and boom, your digimon is 30 years younger, and their skin will have never seen better days.

The pink fish solely boost hapiness, while other fishes may change your stats. If you want a non-changing specific stat while boosting hapiness, pink fish is the way to go. Reducing 1 year while having the seabass easily avaiable was silly anyway.

The game is constantly changing for the better, and the amount of content we get and ways to really challenge players, from mostly one person, is unreal. And you can play it for FREE. 

Playing since day 1 and putting hundreds of hours into the game for a dumb, disrespectful rant like that?

Somehow I don't buy it.

(1 edit)

what's the max stats for Hp?


yes thankyou i miscounted 😅

when ever i try to play it just won't load, like when i hit continue the music just stops and does nothing and i made sure i still have my save file i even hit the debug button which made me have a few heart attacks because i thought it deleted my save file 


how do you get achievement medals on maps?

try hunting for 15-30 minutes


i'll try that 😊😊

(1 edit)

the update is awesome but the pink marchung fish is now useless for players who wants to keep their max stats digimon alive and the only thing i see is the 5million bits fruit to somewhat fix the aging . i dont know what kind of effect the fruit gives because 5million is a long boring thing to raise. you shouldve added the happiness thing to that pink fish rather than replacing it . got me dissapointed with that one

please do update the

- evolution guide

- challenge guide

- etc.

thank you

I have 50 of that fruit lying around in my inventory.

I'm doing mad grinding on the boss battle before this update, but now I can't do that because it keeps crashing and force close.

so what does the fruit do? after using one?

reset the age to 0

i see a very awesome item indeed for the 5million price

but my disapointment in the pink fish made me discover a gold fish the reduces age by 30 it just takes time to find one but its worth the hunt

That is exactly why the pink fish was changed in the first place. Because of the easily avaiable, god-tier item DigiSeabass.

Evolution guide not going up anymore? Been 2 weeks and the website has not been updated. Getting items for things I don't even know how to use. Usually that's the first thing done after the update, but it's getting to the point where it's on the player's to figure the evolutions out ourselves and that's just crazy with how many other evolution options to a Digimon you have. Please update chart!!!!!!!!!

The game is amazing, but it keeps closed several times, please fix this error.

me too!

This updte already have Negamon's other evolutions?

Loved the update and the new ID PM and FM sprites! How can I get Bemmon?

it still crashes and force close whenever I'm doing dungeon or boss battle

mine is gliched where i can't click continue and even if i exit out the game and click it still does not work any tips onto how to fix this

Can anyone tell me how can i evolve mi lunamon into a dianamon?

(1 edit)

hey can you guys give me tips to get a lot of bits in the game

So... my moonmon don't evolve when he's reach lvl 4, i tried to lvlup to 100 and its not evolving. It's a bug?

(2 edits)

Yesthe best way to get lunamon is with nyaromon

and egg aquatic

Thanks a lot!

Hi, where can I see that complete guide? thankyou

(1 edit)

Hey love the game getting better each update. Do you have the new evolution guide up on a different page or is it not up yet. No big deal if it's not just checking I'm not missing anything. Thank you. Also I mean on dravalonseek.com/ guides page.

It would be great if you had more control over to wich Digimon you gonna evolve to. It's sad to delete in-training digimon just because I didn't get the right one.

right after the evolution is done before it's loading close the app and open it again.

(1 edit)

The game have a bug that makes my Firamon evolve to Monzaemon, even when he have neutral mood. And my Flaremon always evolves to Marsmon, never to Apollomon. His face was :| (Neutral Mood) and he was lv. 80. Still I got the wrong Digimon. Please, fix this.

it keep getting force close when I'm doing dungeon or boss battle

does any know how to get coronamon and lunamon and their evolution line

Coronamon Hatches from: Beast DigiTama 

Lunamon Hatches from: Aquatic DigiTama

thank you good sir

WhaT is a neutral mood?

click on your digimon and see

Thanks. Do I have to get a trophy to get Apollomon?

(1 edit)
Flaremon for Apollomon Lvl 80 + Neutral mood

I got a FLaremon with 80 and neutral mood, still I got Marsmon

you did something wrong

Flaremon Evolves To :Apollomon (Lvl 80 + Neutral mood) 

Marsmon (Lvl 80) (No Neutral Mood)

pls add shoutmon and his whole evolution line he is one of my fav digis and would be insane if he is in the game, too :D

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